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Redeemer Membership Application - 2020

Thank you for your interest in joining Redeemer. Because membership means life in a new community, it is both a commitment and a tremendously rewarding experience. We're thrilled that you are taking the first steps towards becoming a part of our community.

If at any time you want to take a break, you may save your progress by clicking the "Save Progress, Finish Later" button at the bottom of this form. You will receive an email with a link to continue this membership application.

If you are married, you will be ready for a joint membership interview once you and your spouse have each attended Intro to Redeemer and/or Practices for Christian Formation and completed your own separate membership applications. There are some exceptions to the norm though, and if you have a particular reason for wanting to move forward with membership on your own, please email membership@redeemer.com and we'd be happy to consult a pastor for your situation.

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