Gospel Identity Conference 2017

In this two-day special event, pastor Tim Keller will teach how a Christian identity can be understood, embodied, and galvanized to serve those around us. We will also explore the alternative, often hidden identities that may be shaping our lives. 

We’ll learn how grace enables radical forgiveness and immense trust, and how Christ’s work is one that reorders what we love and deepens who we are. All Redeemer churches will join together to focus on spiritual formation, practices, and calling. In addition to extensive teaching and Q and A with Keller, the weekend will include worship, breakouts, and practical tools to help foster our growth as disciples of Christ. 

Redeemer Congregants*

  • $50 until October 17th

Other Attenders

  • $225 until October 17th

* This special pricing is available to Redeemer congregants through funding by the Rise Campaign

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