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June 4, 2012

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Benita Kim
Children's Ministry West Side Administrative Coordinator

Benita Kim has lived in the NY area most of her life. She was born in Yonkers, grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island, and went to college at Columbia University.

Benita previously taught inner city children and worked in public policy, evaluating education policies and programs. She’s worked with our Children’s Ministries for three years—thinking of ways to communicate the gospel to kids and now working particularly with our new database systems, making our security and registration operations run more smoothly.

She and her husband, Jim Park, live in New Jersey. With two young kids, Isabel and Luke, Benita says that right now, “my life outside of work consists of all ‘mommy type’ things.” Though she started attending Redeemer off and on in 2000, Benita says, “Not until I joined a fellowship group in 2006 did I truly see the transforming power of the gospel at work.” She’s also found working at Redeemer to be personally significant: “It’s definitely more than just a job, it’s been spiritual formation for me too—I guess both through my team members and Redeemer at large.”

Hello ,

One of the unique things about the Memorial Day holiday we recently celebrated is that it forces us to stop, remember and give thanks to all the men and women who have sacrificed in service to our country. Researchers have actually shown that gratitude is critical to human happiness. Tal Ben-Shahar, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard, has written that “if we’re not aware of the good things in our lives, then as far as we’re concerned they don’t exist.”

As we come to the three month mark of the launch of our West Side congregation (yes, it has already been three months!), I want to stop, remember and thank those of you who have served God so faithfully over the years at Redeemer, and those who have recently stepped up to help launch our congregation. With our new building and added fourth service, we’ve welcomed new people each Sunday and had many stop in throughout the week to find out more about us. Though we’re still securing our Certificate of Occupancy for the building (expected this month), we’ve managed to continue completing construction while holding multiple events. And we’ve already gone deeper in our neighborhood involvement, even hosting the W83 Block Association’s June meeting.

Each of us is not only part of the greater Redeemer story, but also of the wonderful story of God’s redemption through Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Thank you for partnering with me to make the story of Jesus known in and through our community.

In Christ,

Rev. David Bisgrove

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West Side Congregation Three Month Update
Here's a few highlights as we celebrate our three month anniversary! With our added fourth Sunday service and the opening of the W83 Ministry Center, we have thus far had:
  • 400 to 600 more people worshipping with us on Sundays.
  • About 240 children in Children's Ministries (30% growth).
  • Over 450 Children's Ministries & Sunday Services voluteers.
  • Held at W83: 4 weekly services, 2 conferences, congregational leaders meetings, weekly food pantry, & Members Meeting & Gala.
  • Neighborhood involvement: hosted City Councilwoman Gale Brewer for a tour of the W83 building, hosted the W83 Block Association's June meeting, and joined in planting tree beds as part of the W83 Block Beautification Day.

Hope for New York Pilot Program on UWS
2nd & 4th Saturdays 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. | W. 80s & Amsterdam

Build relationships with adults struggling with mental health issues at a transitional residence on the Upper West Side. Help lead afternoon activities on the second and/or fourth Saturday of each month. This opportunity is a pilot program—help launch new volunteer opportunities in our neighborhood! Contact Ashley at HFNY.

See our website for further needs listed on our new Service Opportunities page.

The Well is back, hosted by Downtown!
Friday, June 8th 10:00 P.M. | 1359 Broadway, 4th floor

Join us for a night of worship and prayer for non-believing friends, family, co-workers, significant others and loved ones. We will also pray for the Downtown congregation and their upcoming launch this fall. Held at the Redeemer Offices at 1359 Broadway. Please RSVP here. Space is limited.

Want to have an event at the W83 Ministry Center?
We are delighted to see the ways God will use the new W83 buliding within our congregation and our neighborhood. If you have questions about the building or renting space in it, please visit our Requests for Usage site and contact John Hickey, the building manager for W83. Please note that until we have our full Certificate of Occupancy, we will continue to face some restrictions on full usage of the building as we navigate construction schedules.

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