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May 14, 2012

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Tiffany Koch
Director of Ministry

Tiffany has lived in NYC for 11 years, always on the West Side. As Director of Ministry for the West Side, she can be found attending community block association meetings, planning new projects with members, and helping David develop, direct and support programs to build relationships and bring shalom within our congregation and neighborhood.  

Tiffany came to Redeemer in 2003, after decades of being angry at the hypocrisy and brokenness she saw in religious people and organized religion. She came mostly in an effort to seem very open-minded and fair to the guy she was dating, who brought her. But one Sunday, the story of Zacchaeus challenged her to see God for herself, rather than letting other people translate or tell her who He was: “I began to understand that broken people getting things wrong wasn’t proof of the absence of God or the hollowness of his promises, but instead was proof of how much we need him and how much he loves us.”

Favorite spot in W83: “Sub-cellar storage room, when I’ve run down there to check something during service and can still hear the amazing worship music. It reminds me that EVERY inch of this building is our great God’s house!”

Hello ,

Welcome to the first edition of the West Side Update!

Each week, I will share some reflections with you that will hopefully help you become more deeply connected to God and our congregation. This update will also highlight a few relevant events and service opportunities. I’m particularly excited about our West Side Stories section, where someone from our West Side community will be featured each week—it's a fun way for us to learn about and appreciate each other.

Ever since we launched the congregation and moved into the W83 Ministry Center, one idea that has stuck with me is Eugene Peterson’s translation in The Message, "The word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood" (John 1:14). As we've learned in our exploration of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls us to love our neighbors and one another in a way that reflects his truth and love. We hope these weekly emails help you feel informed and connected. And we hope this is one of many places where we tell the story of who God is and how He’s working in our lives.

Rev. David Bisgrove


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2012 Community Group Internships
Mid-July 2012 through mid-July 2013

Do you know someone who loves building Christian community? Or do you? Redeemer is seeking paid interns to support the Community Group Directors and assist with oversight of Community Groups. Each intern will directly assist one Community Group Director with his/her system of leaders and groups, participate in leadership training, and have opportunity to build and teach Redeemer-related classes or initiatives. Please click here for a job description. To obtain an application, please contact The application is due by May 31, 2012.

Sunday Service Ministries
West Side Congregation: 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. services

Since opening our W83 Ministry Center and adding a fourth West Side service, we've been blessed with scores of new volunteers. But we still need YOU! Our greatest need right now is for volunteers at our evening services. All volunteers serve once a month, and no prior experience is needed. Think about serving with a group of friends or with your community group! And if you're a member, please consider serving with our Communion teams (membership is required for Communion volunteers only). Learn more or sign up here today! 

Children's Ministry Team
West Side Congregation: 9:15 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. services

Our Children's Ministry on the West Side is growing! With more families and more children living life in the city, our Sunday School classrooms are filled and thriving. Since opening our W83 Ministry Center, we've been blessed with scores of new volunteers. But we still need YOU! If you're not a parent, this is a great way to spend time getting to know the wonderful families and kids in our congregation. If you're a parent, this is a great way to deepen your connection with other families on the West Side. Learn more or sign up here today!

Tutor Low-Income Students Grades 2-12
Hope For New York Pilot Program
Weekday afternoons
Meet one-on-one with a student and help him/her improve academic skills and foster a positive attitude toward school and learning. Meet once a week for two hours. The community center is located in the W80s. Contact Savina at

CFW's Vocation Group Night: Kingly Work
Monday, May 21 at 7:00 p.m., W83 Ministry Center

Our very own David Bisgrove is the guest teacher at the Center for Faith & Work's upcoming Vocation Group Night. David will be speaking on Kingly Work, continuing CFW's series on Becoming Fully Human and what this means for our work. All are invited to this monthly gathering, including those not currently involved in vocation groups but seeking to join or start new ones. RSVP online by vocation. Contact or visit

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