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WestSide Update
November 25, 2013

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Chris Copeland

“Working in education is thrilling because I get to see human potential in its purest form,” says Chris Copeland. “Teaching in New York has been a great experience for me because in a lot of ways it is a lab for education practice. Public, private and charter schools each have a robust system here, and the city attracts educators who are innovative and passionate. When I think about Redeemer’s vision of Christians transforming culture through engagement with the culture, I feel fortunate to work with the kids who will be the city’s culture bearers in the next generation.”

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Chris lived in NYC during college and graduate school before going back to Alabama for several years. Then he and his wife, Rachel, moved to NYC three years ago. They’ve lived in the same apartment on the UWS ever since. Chris works in education and is currently teaching 4th grade at Rodeph Sholom School on the UWS.

Chris had come to Redeemer for two years when he previously lived in NYC. Since moving back to the city, he and Rachel have attended the WS congregation. Chris completed the Center for Faith & Work’s Gotham Fellowship in 2013 and he’s currently a T.A. for the 2014 class.

Chris is passionate about education, American literature and Alabama football. But his favorite activities include walking their dog in the neighborhood or being an assistant chef while Rachel cooks. And he and Rachel have intentionally built a home and community on their block. “We love the community around our corner at 85th and Columbus, so we frequent places like the Parisian Deli bodega for breakfast bagels on weekends and the Mud Coffee window at Cotta,” says Chris. “The people at Firehouse have been very good to us, so you’ll find us there watching football games on Saturdays in the fall.”

As a church of Jesus Christ, Redeemer exists to help build a great city for all people through a gospel movement that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal to New York City and, through it, to the world.
Hello ,

As we approach Thanksgiving, I just wanted to publically express how thankful I am for the privilege to serve the West Side congregation as your lead pastor. I regularly am humbled by the way hundreds of men and women in our community donate so much of their time, energy and resources to make the love of Jesus tangible in our midst. Whether it’s the leaders of our

  • over 100 Mom’s, Community and Beta Groups,
  • weekly West Side Men and Women groups,
  • recently launched weekly children’s Community Group program with 80 children and over 20 volunteers,
  • hundreds of Sunday Service volunteers who regularly serve the 2,500 adults and 300 children who attend our worship each Sunday.

Thank you! Of course, none of this would happen without your financial commitment.

As some of you heard from Pastor Tim during yesterday’s worship services, Redeemer needs approximately $3.5 million between now and December 31 in order to maintain our ministries in 2014. I know that many of you generously support Redeemer, but a recent study of our giving statistics reveal that approximately 40% of those who attend our Redeemer-wide services (2,300 people) don’t contribute to our operating budget, including 40% of our members. Obviously this is not a sustainable trend given the growing ministry demands in our community. So if you come to Redeemer to be nurtured spiritually, please contribute financially in an intentional, planned way. You can begin today by clicking here and helping us meet our $3.5M year-end goal.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

In Christ,

Rev. David Bisgrove

Six more days to nominate church leaders!
West Side members, this is it! We’re praying for 10 more nominations by this Saturday, so if you haven’t nominated another member yet—and you can do it in about a minute online—please actively pray this week about which member(s) would be well qualified to serve our congregation. For our church to grow, the leadership must grow along with it, and these nominations are critical to that. You can learn more about the Diaconate here.

Last week to give to His Toy Store
​Hope for New York is up to 1,576 toys as of this morning—which means we’ve got less than a week to get them up to 5,000. If you haven’t gotten any toys yet, it’s actually really fun to use their Amazon Wishlist. You can sit down with your kids, maybe, pick out the toys, and pray for both the kids who are going to receive them, and also the family members who are going to be able to give those toys—this year, that includes (1) men who have been incarcerated and are now out in halfway homes, (2) single moms living in homeless shelters, (3) families who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy, and (4) more. All toys must be received by December 3, so (unless you have Amazon Prime) we recommend placing your order by this Friday, November 30 at the latest. Thank you!

Host movie nights at St. Paul’s House (Hope for New York)
Tomorrow, November 26, from 6:30PM to 9PM
Host homeless guests at movie night for the St. Paul’s House community! Help set up, serve pizza, lead conversations based on the movie, and clean up. RSVP here.

Serve lunch to UWS seniors (Hope for New York)
Sunday, December 1, from 11AM to 2PM at Hamilton Senior Center
Help prepare and serve lunch to senior residents and those in the community. RSVP here.

Serve Redeemer families from around the city (Children’s Ministry)
Event: Saturday, December 7, from 8AM to 12 noon at W83
Want to get out some energy on a Saturday morning? We’re looking for just 15 more volunteers to help during the event and with teardown and clean-up from this crazy fun event. Bring your Community Group and/or other friends. RSVP here (scroll to the bottom).

Re-Imagining Retail: Divine Details Shop
From now through the end of December, you can visit a pop-up shop set up by Center for Faith & Work’s Gotham Alumna Tina Chang and current Gotham Fellow Esther Mun of Little Fury. The two women have created a hybrid store/gallery that re-envisions the retail experience with a goal of honoring the Designer, and involves the contributions of many in the Center for Faith & Work community.

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