Subject: West Side Update — Counterculture for the common good (Rise Campaign, April 4)

Redeemer West Side
4 April 2016
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Hello ,

Present Shock is a book by Douglas Rushkoff exploring the impact of technology on our lives. He argues that, because information comes at us so rapidly now through a myriad of devices that never leave our hands (i.e. we are "always on"), there is a diminishing of anything that isn’t happening right now. We live in a "distracted detachment" from the past and the future, and having lost our sense of where we have been and where we are going we live in an age of ‘narrative collapse’.

This stands in stark contrast to the Christian view of life that seeks to live out the narrative of Scripture—a narrative that is often lived in a way that counters the values of the world. The story of Jesus is that Christians are no longer to be controlled by the things that the world thinks are so critical—power, success, comfort, or recognition. And the power to do so comes from knowing that Christ reversed places with you on the cross. Therefore, Christians aren’t afraid of weeping, emptiness, and sacrifice. Instead, they seek to live in a counterculture for the common good to allow for the kingdom of God to make progress in their lives and in the lives of others around them: communities and relationships where people can experience peace and flourishing that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring. This is the narrative the world needs to hear and the narrative our friends, co-workers and neighbors need to see us living out in our daily lives.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:3

In Christ,

David Bisgrove
West Side Congregation Lead Pastor


God is multiplying gospel community all across NYC. Without deep Christian community, it is impossible for us to be ministered to and for us to minister to others the way God intended. Through gospel community, we find the rich joy of being known and cared for and the privilege of caring for others. Please pray that people searching for community will find it.

  • Lord, show me new ways I can offer myself to help form and foster gospel community with those who have not yet experienced it.
  • Lord, work through the Neighborhood Gatherings to help many people learn about this gospel vision in community and activate them to do gospel ministry in the city.
  • Lord, would you accelerate the gospel movement happening in New York so that many more lives experience gospel-shaped community so that their lives are changed by the gospel, and the broader culture begins to be transformed where everyone experiences more hope, peace and equity.
  • Rise & Pray on April 16 
    During the Rise season, we’re praying that God would accelerate the gospel movement in NYC for the good of everyone in it. On April 16, join thousands of people from Redeemer's community to pray for this vision and to ask God to show us how we can engage in gospel ministry in our neighborhoods, workplaces and relationships. If you'd like to set aside time to pray on April 16 and would like to know specific things to pray for, visit
  • Grace, Justice, and Mercy: An evening with Bryan Stevenson and Tim Keller
    In an age of mass incarceration and growing racial tension, how can a church committed to the flourishing of a whole city engage as ambassadors of reconciliation and restoration? Bryan Stevenson & Tim Keller will help us explore ways to sustain hope through a grace-filled pursuit of justice and mercy as they draw from their own calling and work. Join us on May 20 at The Salvation Army Auditorium for this discussion. Register at

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